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Projects and Permitting


Kanaranzi-Little Rock Watershed District maintains close relationships with Nobles SWCD, NRCS and other area watershed districts to provide programs and educational activities to those in the boundries of the watershed. KLR continues to search for education through these relationships and through its membership in the Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts and the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources.

Cost-share Program

Cost-Share payments are available to landowners depending on the project they are completing. Examples include the following:

  • Payments up to $300 are available for landowners sealing un-used or abandoned wells. 

  • Payments up to $500 are available to landowners replacing non- complying or failing septic systems. 

There are other Cost-Share opportunities available. Please contact the K-LR Watershed District if you are interested in the Cost-Share program. 

4th Grade Foresters

This program occurs every year on Arbor Day which falls on the last Friday in April. 


April 30, 2021

Fourth Grade Foresters USA is a project that is designed  to revitalize the celebration of Arbor Day in schools. The Kanaranzi-Little Rock Watershed District visits the schools in their district to inform and educate fourth grade students about trees and about the importance of Arbor Day. 


Arbor Day Fact: Minnesota became the fourth state to legally adopt the celebration of Arbor Day (1876).

Adrian Learning Area

The Kanaranzi-Little Rock Watershed District works with the Nobles SWCD and the Adrian High School Advanced Biology Students to provide a half-day educational opportunity to local 5th grade elementary students. The Biology students prepare small sessions ont he local praire ecosystem information and present these sessions to 5th grade students. This unique opportunity allows K-LR to assist in educational experiences for both High School and Elementary Students. 

Project Notifications

Section 6.1 of the KLR Rules and Regulations identifies activities that require a notification.  Activities that require a notification includes any land distrupting activity such as construction, subsurface tile, and cultivation of land near a watercourse.  For a full list of activities requiring a notification, please see section 6.1 of the rules and regulations found here.  

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