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The Kanaranzi-Little Rock Watershed District (KLR) was established by order of the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources under the authority of Minn. Stat. Chapter 112, the Watershed Law on October 8, 1981.  The District’s primary purpose is conservation of the natural resources within the watershed.

Board of Managers

Adam Henning

507 Kentucky Ave., Adrian, MN
Expires:  10-07-2022

Coleen Gruis, Chair

316 N. Bishop Ave, Rushmore, MN
Phone:  507-478-4972
Expires:  10-07-2020

Layton Gruis, Secretary/1st Vice-Chair

18262 320th Street, Adrian, MN
Phone:  507-394-2321
Expires: 10-07-2018

Jerry Brake, Treasurer

13976 Edwards Avenue, Wilmont, MN
Phone:  507-472-8777
Expires:  10-07-2020

Bill Jansma

152 200th Ave., Ellsworth, MN
Expires:  10-07-2022

John Shea, Executive Secretary

Nobles SWCD
1567 McMillan Street, Suite 3, Worthington, MN
Phone:  507-376-9150

Contact KLR

Telephone : 507-376-9150

Email : sabrina.raddle@noblesswcd.org

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